Ven. Vivekanada

The resident teacher, Ven. Vivekananda, has trained under the Ven. Sayadaw U Panditabhivamsa since 1988. He has been teaching Vipassana and Loving kindness meditation at the meditation center in Lumbini as well as abroad since 1998. The Ven. Vivekananda guides meditators in English, Burmese, German, and French.

Ven. Vivekananda will be conducting meditation retreats in The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France and the USA from the early April to end of June 2017.

Please contact the centers directly about reservations for the retreat. As well, some people make reservations months in advance and then are unable to attend. If you are flexible, it is worth putting your name on the waiting list. Even if the waiting list looks long, there still may be a place for you. Retreats with Ven. Vivekananda are often booked full, early on, and then sometimes, because of cancellations, end up not being full. This becomes clear only in the few weeks before the retreat starts.

The schedule is as follows :

April 6 - 13 The Netherlands

Ven. Vivekananda assisted by Mr. Hannes Huber
Tibetan Monestary Bosoord (Maitreya Instituut)
The Netherlands
Contact : Judith de Haas
Email :
Web site :
Note : Stichting Inzichts Mediatatie (SIM)

April 15 - 27 Italy

Pian dei Ciliegi
Loc. Bulla di Montesanto
29028 Ponte Dell'Olio (PC)
Phone : +39 (0)523 878948
Email :
Web site :

May 6 - 12 Germany

Seminarhaus Engl e.V.
Engl 1
Phone : (+49) (0)8728-616
Email :
Web site :

May 14 - 26 France

Sakyamuni Meditation Center
33, allée Emile Gemton
89340 Saint-Agnan
Phone : (+33) (0)675 622 709 (entre 20h et 22h) (between 8PM and 10PM)
Email :
Web site :

June 1 - 30 USA

The Forest Refuge
97 Lockwood Road
Barre, Massachusetts 01005
Phone : +1 978 355-2063
Fax : +1 978 355-4307
Contact : Bryony Smith
Email :
Web site :